Made for elementary OS

Get these 122 curated apps and more on elementary AppCenter, the open, pay-what-you-can app store for indie developers. Each is open source and has been reviewed and curated by elementary to ensure a native, privacy-respecting, and secure experience.

Agenda icon Agenda Get things done Akira icon Akira The Linux Design Tool Animage icon Animage A simple photo slideshow Annotator icon Annotator Communicate with images better AppEditor icon AppEditor Edit application menu Atlas icon Atlas View where to go Badger icon Badger Remind yourself to not sit and stare at the screen for too long Badgie icon Badgie Badges for your android app's README Big Purple Remote icon Big Purple Remote Remote for Roku® devices BMI icon BMI Simple BMI Calculator Calculator icon Calculator Solve simple equations Calendar icon Calendar View and schedule events Camera icon Camera Take photos and videos with the camera Captive Network Assistant icon Captive Network Assistant Connect to captive network portals Cat Facts icon Cat Facts Find cat facts Clairvoyant icon Clairvoyant Get psychic answers from this fortune teller Clips icon Clips Multi format clipboard manager Codecard icon Codecard Share snippets of code as a pretty image, e.g. for social media. ColorMate icon ColorMate Your friendly color helper Comet icon Comet Write better Git commit messages Comic Sticks icon Comic Sticks Read xkcd: a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language Communique icon Communique RSS Reader with cross-platform sync Crypt icon Crypt View and Watch Crypto Currency With Ease! Darkbar icon Darkbar Darken application titlebars based on your preference Desktopius icon Desktopius Simple app for create a desktop files Dippi icon Dippi Calculate display info like DPI and aspect ratio Document Viewer icon Document Viewer Document viewer for popular document formats EasyDocs icon EasyDocs Quickly Read Developer Docs EasySSH icon EasySSH SSH Connection Manager Eddy icon Eddy Install and Manage .deb Files Eksanos icon Eksanos A simple TicTacToe app Enigma icon Enigma An Enigma Machine emulator Ensembles icon Ensembles Play and arrange music live as a one-person band File Roller icon File Roller Open, modify and create compressed archive files Fondo icon Fondo Find the most beautiful wallpapers Frog icon Frog Extract text from anywhere Gabut Download Manager icon Gabut Download Manager Simple and Faster Download Manager Gitscover icon Gitscover Find new GitHub repositories Gnonograms icon Gnonograms Create and solve gnonogram puzzles GoForIt! icon GoForIt! A stylish to-do list with built-in productivity timer Guess the number! icon Guess the number! A simple number guessing game Haguichi icon Haguichi A graphical frontend for Hamachi Harvey icon Harvey The hero that Gotham needs right now Hasher icon Hasher Hash your files Home icon Home Control your smart home gadgets Hourglass icon Hourglass Set alarms, timers, and stopwatches Icon Browser icon Icon Browser Browse and find system icons Image Optimizer icon Image Optimizer Simple lossless image compression Insomnia icon Insomnia Prevent the display from being turned off or the device from going into sleep mode Inspektor icon Inspektor View file metadata information Iridium icon Iridium Friendly IRC Client Keystrokes icon Keystrokes Desktop Utility for Keystrokes Display KonbuCase icon KonbuCase Convert case in your text Leopod icon Leopod Organize and listen to your podcasts! Life icon Life Conway's Game of Life Litteris icon Litteris Penpal Correspondence Organized Lock Box icon Lock Box Lock your secrets up tight LookBook icon LookBook Browse and find system icons Louper icon Louper Magnify the selected text Luna icon Luna An amazing calendar widget Mail icon Mail Send and receive mail Maurborgne icon Maurborgne 2FA OTP Code Generator Minder icon Minder Create, develop and visualize your ideas Mixer icon Mixer Change the volume of apps Moneta icon Moneta Monitor the exchange rates of real-world currencies on your desktop Moobo icon Moobo Visualize your ideas on moodboards Music icon Music Queue and play local audio files Niki icon Niki Media Player Nimbus icon Nimbus See outside without going there Norka icon Norka Continuous text editor Notes-Up icon Notes-Up Your New Notebook Obliviate icon Obliviate A password manager that forgets your passwords Ordne icon Ordne A Simple Pomodoro Timer Outliner icon Outliner Organize your words Paint Spill icon Paint Spill The color-filling puzzle game Palette icon Palette View and copy colors from the elementary brand palette Pasgen icon Pasgen Simple password generator Pebbles icon Pebbles Perform advanced calculations with ease Peeq icon Peeq Postgresql Client with programmer utilities Picker icon Picker A simple color picker Pin It! icon Pin It! Pin any apps into the launcher Pomodoro icon Pomodoro A simple timer for the pomodoro time management technique. Prettifier icon Prettifier Prettify your JSON/XML outputs Principles icon Principles Remember Dieter Rams' ten principles of good design QRit icon QRit QR codes creator QuickWord icon QuickWord Quick and easy word lookups Raddiola icon Raddiola The simplest radio that can be Reco icon Reco Record talks to remember the contents later Reminduck icon Reminduck Remember your stuff in an adorably annoying way. Resizer icon Resizer Quickly resize images Response icon Response Test your Webpage's Responsiveness Roll-It icon Roll-It Roll the dice Sage icon Sage Break the code, achieve mastery ScreenRec icon ScreenRec Record videos of the screen Screenshot icon Screenshot Save images of the screen Sequeler icon Sequeler Friendly SQL Client Should I do it icon Should I do it Should I do it? Soundy icon Soundy Simple client to control your SoundTouch speaker Spectator icon Spectator Comfortably test your REST APIs! Spice-Up icon Spice-Up Create simple and beautiful presentations Starfish icon Starfish Surf the Geminispace Stashed icon Stashed File Utility Switcher icon Switcher Change your wallpaper according to you desktop mode! Tasks icon Tasks Synced tasks and reminders Taxi icon Taxi The FTP Client that drives you anywhere TextShine icon TextShine Powerfully transform text TextSnatcher icon TextSnatcher Snatch Text with just a Drag TicTacToy icon TicTacToy Simple TIC-TAC-toe game Time Limit icon Time Limit A simple and beautiful timer Torrential icon Torrential Download torrents in style Trimir Journal icon Trimir Journal Your personal activity "Tricorder". Trimmer icon Trimmer Video trimming utility Trivia icon Trivia A fun quiz game Tuner icon Tuner Discover and listen to internet radio stations Turtle icon Turtle Add apps to the Applications Menu Typewriter icon Typewriter A minimal writer with autosave Videos icon Videos Watch videos and movies VIDO icon VIDO Online Video Downloader VServer icon VServer Access your files from any device on the same network Warble icon Warble The word-guessing game Web icon Web Browse the web Whaler icon Whaler Docker Container Management

Legacy Apps

These 140 apps were released for a previous version of elementary OS and are not yet available in AppCenter on elementary OS 6. Contact their developers to ask them to port their apps to OS 6.

Aesop icon Aesop The simplest PDF viewer around Alias icon Alias Simplify your commands Alohomora icon Alohomora Store and manage passwords securely Beemy icon Beemy A cute little Body Mass Index calculator Boiler icon Boiler Control your kettle remotely Bookmark Manager icon Bookmark Manager Manage your SSH bookmarks Bookworm icon Bookworm A focused eBook reader Bottles icon Bottles Easily manage your Wine bottles Byte icon Byte Rediscover your music Ciano icon Ciano A multimedia file converter Cinema icon Cinema A video player for watching local video files Cipher icon Cipher Encode and decode text Clipped icon Clipped Manage your clipboard with ease Coin icon Coin Never miss out on the monetary value of a virtual currency with this handy applet Color Picker icon Color Picker The most intuitive Color Picker to speed up your workflow Comgen icon Comgen Comment Generator: generate styled comments for your code Contacts icon Contacts Manage your contacts Copy Paste Grab icon Copy Paste Grab Download videos from hundreds of websites Cozy icon Cozy A modern audio book player Cyfrif icon Cyfrif Time Management App using Pomodoro Technique Date Countdown icon Date Countdown A minimalist date countdown applet Desktop Folder icon Desktop Folder Bring your desktop back to life Develop icon Develop Creates easily apps and widgets Dimmer icon Dimmer Change screen's brightness Dot Matrix icon Dot Matrix The glyph playground of creativity from simple lines DotFonts icon DotFonts Find beautiful fonts and easy install Elements icon Elements All the elements of the universe! Envelope icon Envelope Personal budget manager Ephemeral icon Ephemeral The always-incognito web browser File Conflicts Finder icon File Conflicts Finder Helps to detect and solve possible file conflicts Forismatic icon Forismatic Quotes for daily inspiration Formatter icon Formatter A simple device formatter Gcron icon Gcron Display, understand and edit your cron configuration ghistory icon ghistory Graphic interface for your bash history Gifup icon Gifup Create GIFs from Videos quickly! gitIgnore icon gitIgnore .gitignore reference for various languages Give Me Lyrics icon Give Me Lyrics Lyrics for your songs Go For It! icon Go For It! A stylish to-do list with built-in productivity timer GraphUI icon GraphUI Graph Visualization HackUp icon HackUp Read Hacker News from the desktop Hash It icon Hash It Generate and verify file hashes Home icon Home Control your smart home gadgets HostsManager icon HostsManager Manage your /etc/hosts file Iconoscope icon Iconoscope Explore the icon database in your system. Ideogram icon Ideogram Insert emoji anywhere 🎉 Image Burner icon Image Burner Inspired by Etcher's UI Ion Color Generator icon Ion Color Generator Create custom color for your Ionic app’s UI JS Test icon JS Test Test your JavaScript Khronos icon Khronos Track each task's time in a simple inobtrusive way License icon License Choose your project license Locksmith icon Locksmith Generate strong, secure passwords Lottery icon Lottery Who will be the winner? Lyrics icon Lyrics The beautiful way to sing your songs Melody icon Melody A music player for listening to local music files, online radios and audio CD's Memories icon Memories Manage local image files Metronome icon Metronome A simple click Mindi icon Mindi A simple Video to Audio converter Monilet icon Monilet A monitor widget. Monitor icon Monitor Manage processes and monitor system resources MupenGUI icon MupenGUI Easy Mupen64Plus FrontEnd MuseIC icon MuseIC Simple and fast music player with remote control NaSC icon NaSC Do maths like a normal person News icon News Read Atom and RSS feeds News Feed icon News Feed The best news sources, all in one place Nimbus icon Nimbus See outside without going there Nino icon Nino A Widgets network monitor Niu icon Niu Watch and track date and time in an innovative way with this handy applet Notejot icon Notejot Jot your ideas Notes-Up icon Notes-Up Your New Notebook Notifier icon Notifier Never forget to do something Nutty icon Nutty A simple utility for network information Odysseus web browser icon Odysseus web browser A simple and performant yet powerful window onto the open decentralized web Olifant icon Olifant Lightning fast client for Mastodon Optimizer icon Optimizer Clean up your system Palaura icon Palaura Find any word's definition with this handy dictionary PDF Tricks icon PDF Tricks Tricks for PDF Files Pho icon Pho Pho for 4chan PHP Tester icon PHP Tester Test some PHP code! Ping! icon Ping! Test your API against some data Planner icon Planner Never worry about forgetting things again Pwned Checker icon Pwned Checker Check if your password has been leaked Python Tester icon Python Tester Test some Python code! quickDocs icon quickDocs Quickly Read Developer Docs Quilter icon Quilter Focus on your writing Quotes icon Quotes Quotes for daily inspiration Raddiu icon Raddiu Program to listen to web radios Rakugaki icon Rakugaki Want to just draw, sketch or doodle? This is the tool for you. Recipes icon Recipes A markdown recipes application Reganam icon Reganam Resource Management game set in space Regex Tester icon Regex Tester A simple app for testing regular expressions Rush icon Rush A timer to use pomodoro technique Satellite icon Satellite Monitor how the system resources are being utilized Screen Recorder icon Screen Recorder A simple screen recording app for daily use. Screencast icon Screencast A simple screen recorder ScreenRec icon ScreenRec Record videos of the screen Sherlock icon Sherlock Get information from an IP Shutdown Scheduler icon Shutdown Scheduler Schedule your computer's shutdown easily Simple Stocks icon Simple Stocks Keep tabs on your favorite stocks Snaptastic icon Snaptastic A manager for snaps Snippet Pixie icon Snippet Pixie Your little expandable text snippet helper Spice-Up icon Spice-Up Create simple and beautiful presentations SubMinder icon SubMinder Keep tabs on your subscriptions Sudoku icon Sudoku The number that is alone Sudokular icon Sudokular The number that is alone No icon Tardis Automatically manage backups Tasks icon Tasks Manager tasks Timer icon Timer The ultimate tea timer Timetable icon Timetable Plot out your own timetable for the week and organize it Tootle icon Tootle Lightning fast client for Mastodon TradeSim icon TradeSim The Linux Trading Simulator Translator icon Translator Translator Translit icon Translit Translit is a simple method of encoding Cyrillic letters with Latin ones URM Simulator icon URM Simulator Simple URM simulations Vala Tester icon Vala Tester Test some Vala code! ValaCompiler icon ValaCompiler A Simple GUI for valac VGrive icon VGrive Google Drive client with automatic synchronization for Linux Vocal icon Vocal A Great Podcast Client for the Modern Free Desktop Wallpaperize icon Wallpaperize Beautify your oddly-sized wallpapers Wammer icon Wammer Jamming your WiFi network Webpin icon Webpin A simple app to pin websites on the desktop Wineglass icon Wineglass A GUI for Wine Workspaces icon Workspaces Always be ready for work icon Publish a thought in seconds xkcdesktop icon xkcdesktop xkcd in the comfort of my desktop? Yes please. Yishu icon Yishu A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client Archetype icon Archetype Start developing apps with just a few clicks! Chores icon Chores Keep track of recurring chores DayJournal icon DayJournal A future-proof journal. Exchange icon Exchange Convert currencies with no hassle Football icon Football Check Football competitions status GoodVibes icon GoodVibes Send and recieve good vibes! Meteo icon Meteo Know the forecast of the next hours and days with data and maps P.S. Notes. icon P.S. Notes. Notes, plain and simple. Pushy icon Pushy Pushbullet client QR Share icon QR Share Quick and easy file sharing Swatches icon Swatches Colour variation tool Tomato icon Tomato Keep focused on your work Tranqil icon Tranqil Relax to soothing sounds of nature Transporter icon Transporter Hassle-free file sharing Web Watcher icon Web Watcher Know when your websites are misbehaving!