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Marvin Ahlgrimm

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Comfortably test your REST APIs!

Gives you the possibilty to test your REST application.

Send custom headers and self defined bodies to your application and displays the response in a clean way.

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What's New:

0.5.6 – Nov 16, 2020

Use $XDG_DATA_HOME for database path

0.5.5 – Nov 14, 2020

Description fix

0.5.4 – Nov 14, 2020

Fix a bug where a plain response would cause an error

0.5.3 – Nov 12, 2020

Update dependency

0.5.2 – Nov 12, 2020

Update dependency

0.5.1 – Nov 12, 2020

Description Update

0.5.0 – Nov 12, 2020

Spectator 0.5.0 introduces 2 changes to the UI

Drag & Drop for Requests in the sidebar

Redesigned response view selection

  • The seleceted response view will now be cached per response
0.4.3 – Sep 10, 2020

AppCenter Fix

  • Spectator will now be displayed correctly in AppCenter once again.
0.4.1 – Sep 30, 2019

Collection improvements

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to scroll through the collections if there are to many collection or request items in the collection-sidebar
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the "Update" button when editing a collection nothing happend
  • The right-click menu of a request item now allows the user to clone a request
0.4.0 – Jul 28, 2019

Introduction of request collections

Added collection and history view in sidebar

  • Requests can now be grouped into collections
  • Each request will be saved in a seperate history

Added keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctlr+n: Create a new request
  • Ctlr+Shift+n: Create a new collection
  • Ctlr+l: Switch to collection view in sidebar
  • Ctlr+h: Switch to history view in sidebar
  • Ctlr+,: Open settings dialog

Sidebar is now resizable

WebKit will now be lazy-loaded

Added more translations

0.3.1 – May 29, 2019

Fix streamed data behaviour

  • Fixed a (reintroduced )bug where chunked data was not displayed
0.3.0 – May 21, 2019

Improvement of JavaScript

  • Added JavaScript Console
  • Displayed time of response is now more accurate
  • Added XML parsing and create new view for XML responses
  • Unified sourcecode views
  • Sourcecode views are using a monospace font by default
  • Added configuration for sourcecode views
0.2.1 – Mar 26, 2019

Fix streamed data behaviour

  • Solves a bug where streamed data will not be shown until request finished (which might be never)
0.2.0 – Mar 17, 2019

JavaScript Integration

  • Adds the possibility to augment your requests with scripting.
  • The developer can use the 'before_sending' JavaScript function to augment the request.
  • HTTP.get(url), HTTP.post(url, config) and other request methods are available from script
0.1.10 – Mar 13, 2019

URL Params fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the application crashes if a URL param is entered from key-value view without a URL
0.1.8 – Feb 26, 2019

Initial Release

  • Comfortably test your REST APIs!
  • Send custom headers and self defined bodies to your application and displays the response in a clean way.