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Never forget to do something

Get notified of what to do and when to do it. Reminders as you expect them, where you expect them.

Set the time of the reminder.

Set the priority of the notification.

Automatically saves your reminders.

Supports closing with Ctrl + Q

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What's New:

2.1.1 – Oct 16, 2018

Icons now install properly!

2.1.0 – Oct 14, 2018

Hello Juno.

2.0.0 – Jun 26, 2018

Now using Granite Widgets

Many UI changes

Reminders are now editable

Better support for AM/PM

Another new icon. This time it is one that Daniel Foré made for the app

Daemon runs every 15 seconds instead of every 60 seconds

  • This allows for more accurately timed notifications so that they are not late
  • Please note that this will require a restart