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Andrey Maksimov

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Continuous text editor

Imagine text writing experience without the hassle. Don't worry about saving files, complex markup, or accidentally deleted notes.

Do what you want to do - concentrate on beautiful stories, short notes, or documenting. Norka cares about you.

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What's New:

0.6.2 – Oct 7, 2020


  • Editor width limited to 800 px for the best experience
  • Formatting shortcuts for easier editing
  • Preview documents before export
  • Export documents from grid
  • Modification and creation date in tooltips
0.5.1 – Aug 31, 2020

Update app translation.

0.5.0 – Aug 29, 2020

A new fancy way to search through your documents is available. And Norka is fully localizable now. You are welcome :)

0.4.7 – Aug 13, 2020

Update metadata.

0.4.6 – Aug 12, 2020


  • Set the minimum size of the Preferences dialog
  • Set the title to nameless documents on saving
0.4.3 – Jul 21, 2020

Some fixes:

  • Properly toggle welcome screen and show archived
  • Fix drag-n-drop on welcome screen
  • Improve HeaderBar contrast
0.4.2 – Jul 17, 2020

Yet another update: small but valuable.

What it brings to us:

  • Redesigned Share menu
  • Export to
  • Extended export to local files, now with support of HTML and plaintext formats
  • Reading time to know your power
  • And in a case when you create a new document while edit another Norka will immediately switch to the created one
0.3.0 – Jul 16, 2020

TenderOwl thinks a living project is better than enormous updates yet we created a new little one!

This release brings a new feature - export to Medium. All you need is open preferences and put the integration token from your Medium account. All documents exports as Draft in case you misclicked once :)

Along with export we fixed some issues and make Norka more userfriendly: when something goes wrong - it lets you know.

Stay tuned!

0.2.0 – Jun 28, 2020

Norka grows up and learn new tricks like import files to Norka's documents! You could use any methods you like: drag-n-drop, keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+O) or Headerbar button. And from command line of course!

For a while, you were able only to archive documents, because delete archives its too :) Now you can see archived documents and delete 'em permanent or unarchive if you changed your mind.

Every document will have its own face. I mean preview. Documents list now shows a preview of documents instead of dummy icons.

0.1.4 – Jun 12, 2020

Search and Shortcuts. Now you can use Text Searh via keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control+F - to start search
  • Control+G - to find next
  • Shift+Control+G - to find previous
0.1.0 – Jun 7, 2020

Initial release of Norka. Young yet ready to provide you with editing functions and Markdown formatter, even export but who needs it.