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Subhadeep Jasu

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An advanced calculator that helps you with complicated calculations in your homework


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What's New:

1.0.5 – Jul 5, 2020


  • [UI] Allow navigation left and right buttons to pass through selectively
  • [Core] Better negative number handling
  • [Core] Implicit multiplication on parenthesis and around variable (x)
1.0.4 – Jun 20, 2020


  • [UI] Comma and Radix symbols now obey Language & Region settings
  • [UI] Backspace button should now check if input entry has text on start up
  • [Core] Fix precedance with proper PEMDAS rule


  • [UI] Better clipboard system for Scientific, Calculus, Statistics and converters
1.0.3 – Mar 20, 2020


  • [UI] Save and restore calculator state across invocations
  • [Converter] Save currency converter forex data after update
  • [Calculus] Fix derivative accuracy bug which caused it to output zero everytime


  • French (by Nathan Bonnemains)


  • Code structure fixed and improved by Nathan Bonnemains
  • [Calculus] Make Calculus button labels consistent with Scientific view


  • [Controls] Use Escape Key to close dialogues
1.0.2 – Mar 1, 2020


  • [Converter] Override conversion precision based on unit for Currency and Data converter
1.0.1 – Feb 29, 2020


  • [Controls] Use F7 for last answer and F8 for changing angle mode
  • [HeaderBar] Change 'GRD' to 'GRA'
  • [Date View] Enable counting date backwards


  • [Translations] Add more translatable strings
1.0.0 – Feb 28, 2020

Initial Release