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Stanisław Dac

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Manage processes and monitor system resources

Display usage of system resources, filter and manage processes.

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What's New:

0.5.0 – Jun 7, 2019
  • Fix contents of the window are not shown (Ryo Nakano)
  • Fix no row is still selected when indicator options are enabled (Ryo Nakano)
  • Fix the app crashes by clicking the "End/Kill Process" buttons when no process is selected (Ryo Nakano)
  • Added buttons to either "kill" or "end" a process. (Evan Buss)
  • Change screenshot to English (Christopher Crouse)
  • Update Russian translation (camellan)
  • Check if the default display is a X11 display (Hannes Schulze)
  • Update German translation (J0Ar)
  • Update Spanish translation (Mario Rodrigo)