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Quickly create outlines and export them in a number of useful formats.

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What's New:

1.2.0 – May 17, 2020


  • Added highlight for row that the mouse cursor is currently over.
  • Added support for row labeling for the purposes of moving and selecting rows.
  • Added support for changing document and application default fonts.
  • Added support for adding checkbox state to rows.
  • Added checkbox statistics to the statistics panel.
  • Added Org-Mode export mode.


  • When only row is deleted, a new row will be added and placed into edit mode.
  • Updated keyboard shortcut cheatsheet.
  • Changed cursor and added tooltip when cursor is over URL and Control is held down.
  • Enhanced clipboard functionality.
  • Modified look of statistics panel to improve readability of display groups of information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed right margin for descendant rows.
  • Fixed exports to allow existing files to be overwritten.
1.1.0 – Apr 20, 2020


  • Added support for row cloning.
  • Added French translation (thanks to Nathan Bonnemains).
  • Added Dutch translation (thanks to Heimen Stoffels).
  • Added support for subscript and superscript text formatting.
  • Added support for using input methods.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for selecting and moving rows.
  • Added new H keyboard shortcut for positioning currently selected row at the top of the window.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for deleting the next or previous word.
  • Added new selection submenu to contextual menu.
  • Added clear formatting button to format bar.


  • Removed support for the m command.
  • Improved look of format bar, especially for dark themes.
  • Changed tab bar coloring to match the background color of the current tab.
  • Changed default filename from unnamed to be the translated name.
  • Improved undo/redo tooltips to look better in non-English translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with deleting a single character for multi-byte characters.
  • Fixed application screenshots.
  • Fixed application crash when a command used when selected row is a top-level row.
  • Fixed issues with showing or hiding a note.
  • Fixed New Document plank command to open a new tab after loading application data.
  • Fixed theming issues when two tabs use different themes.
  • Fixed translation string issues (thanks to Nathan Bonnemains).
  • Fixed text positioning issues when tags are added to text.
  • Fixed issues with making shortcut cheatsheet text translatable.
  • Fixed application crash when moving a row to the top of the document.
  • Fixed title of shortcut cheatsheet.
  • Fixed application crashes and incorrectly placed rows when moving them via the mouse.
1.0.3 – Mar 26, 2020

Initial release!