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A Great Podcast Client for the Modern Free Desktop

Vocal is the best way to find interesting new podcasts, maintain a growing library, and enjoy audio and video shows that automatically get updated with new content.

Features include:

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What's New:

2.3 – Nov 4, 2018

Vocal's first release for elementary OS Juno!

  • Added new in-app volume controls
  • Dramatic improvements to the new episode count badges
  • Improved the search view to make it clear when Vocal is loading results from iTunes
  • Podcasts licensed as Creative Commons now display a Creative Commons logo
  • Improved look and feel throughout the app
  • New episodes are now sorted by release date rather than just their position in the RSS feed (most users will not notice a difference as this was an edge-case)
  • Fixed navigation issues that could cause new users to get stuck during the setup process
  • Fixed several issues with the new episodes view button either being visible when it should not be, or not being visible when it should
  • Database handling and performance improvements
  • General stability improvements
2.2 – Apr 22, 2018

This update features a metric ton of bug fixes and stability improvements, as well as a brand new way to see all your new episodes at a glance.

  • Fixed the infamous "freeze on launch" bug which prevented some users from accessing their library.
  • Added a New Episode view to see all the unplayed episodes in your library at once.
  • Fixed an annoyance where Vocal would sometimes re-download an episode that had already been downloaded.
  • Performance and stability improvements with checking for new episodes.
  • Improved performance of the iTunes podcast directory (specifically related to the loading of hi res images).
  • Improved logging and debugging support.
  • Many other small performance and stability enhancements.
2.1 – Dec 30, 2017

Grab some hot chocolate and curl up with a nice podcast this winter season, it's time for a new Vocal release! This time around, enjoy a ton of stability and performance enhancements, full HiDPI support, and other bug fixes to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

  • Added HiDPI support for all images so everything looks nice and sharp no matter how fancy your display is.
  • Fixed an issue where Vocal would not show you the time elapsed or remaining in an episode immediately after relaunching the app.
  • Reduced the animation time for switching between different views so that it feels extra snappy.
  • Gave the search results view a shave and a haircut. Two bits.
  • Fixed a few issues where Vocal would be grouchy about showing certain episode descriptions.
  • When importing several podcasts the progress bar now stays one size so you can actually judge the progress correctly.
  • You can now drag and drop items in the play queue to rearrange their order.
  • Lots more checking to make sure that things exist so it won't crash nearly as much (hopefully never).
2.0 – Apr 28, 2017

Vocal's most exciting release yet, featuring full iTunes directory and search support, improved performance, a redesigned podcast view, and tons of other great improvements.