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Time Limit

Marco Betschart

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A simple and beautiful timer

Drag the blue arrow to set a timer. Release to start and click to pause. When the time is up, a notification will show up with a nice sound.

Keyboard shortcuts:

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What's New:

1.3.1 – Sep 9, 2020

Merged #37 & #28: "Dutch translation", thanks to Heimen Stoffels 🎉️ (@Vistaus)

1.3.0 – Jul 24, 2020

Fixed #26: Play notification sound regardless of "do not disturb" (needs new notification server)

Fixed #16: Remember window position after close

Merged #27 & #28: "Turkish translation", thanks to Safak Genisol 🎉️ (@safak45x)

Fixed #24: Updated AppCenter screenshots to match the Publishing Requirements

1.2.0 – Feb 24, 2020

Fixed #19: "Grab arrow after first drag is sometimes difficult"

Merged #23: "Add French translations", thanks to Nathan Bonnemains 🎉️ (@NathanBnm)

1.0.0 – Feb 6, 2020

Submitting the first version to elementary AppCenter! 🎉️