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A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client

Write a to-do list that will be easy to sync with most known Todo.txt clients

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What's New:

1.1.1 – Apr 26, 2019

Release: Contrast Rebellion

  • Fixed some contrast in colors.
1.1.0 – Mar 15, 2019

Release: Zeit and Temps

  • German and French translations.
1.0.8 – Oct 26, 2018

Release: Search & Blues

  • NEW: Search your tasks.
  • FIX: Task folder is properly saved now.
1.0.7 – Jul 13, 2018

Release: Juno Offering

  • Juno update.
1.0.6 – Jun 22, 2018

Release: Flute Playing at an Temple

  • Fixed retaining a list open on close and also adding tasks correctly to a list.
1.0.4 – Jan 20, 2018

Release: Water Painting a Picture

  • Fixed internal GTK deprecations so the app doesn't complain about unused things.
  • New icon that improves on the old one.
1.0.3 – Jan 5, 2018

Release: Rest Easy and Calligraphy

  • Added a preferences dialog with a setting to where to save the todo.txt file.
1.0.2 – Dec 1, 2017

Release: Bamboo Shoots in the Sand

  • Added the option to create new todo.txt files on welcome.
1.0.1 – Nov 24, 2017

Release: A Tree Waving in the Wind

  • Fixed minor things for the AppCenter review.
1.0.0 – Nov 24, 2017

Release: A River Crossing

  • First release.