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Plot out your own timetable for the week and organize it

Start organizing each day with the columns and export your timetable away in an easy way

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Note: This app is only available for elementary OS 5.1 Hera. If you’re on elementary OS 6 Odin, it will not appear in AppCenter. You can reach out to the developer and ask that they update it for OS 6.

What's New:

1.1.0 – Jan 30, 2020

Release: Leaner & Meaner

  • Minor backend fixes.
1.0.9 – Sep 30, 2019

Release: Stacked Weekends

  • Modified: Weekends are now stacked.
  • Fixed: Maximization problems.
1.0.8 – Aug 16, 2019

Release: Tasked Tasks

  • Fixed: Task preferences weren't being set.
1.0.7 – Aug 5, 2019

Release: Draggy Days

  • Fixed: Drag and drop your tasks away and organize them that way.
1.0.6 – Mar 15, 2019

Release: Wispy Weekends

  • Fixed: Hiding and showing the weekend columns now is respected across app openings.
1.0.5 – Mar 1, 2019

Release: Color and Save Tasks

  • Fixed: Exporting and opening tasks should preserve their colors as well.
1.0.4 – Mar 1, 2019

Release: User Experienced Tasks

  • New: Open any .org files exported by Timetable.
  • Removed: Notifications system as it was useless since Timetable couldn't notify if closed.
1.0.3 – Nov 23, 2018

Release: User Experienced Tasks

  • New: Tasks can be set to have an optional notification when they start.
  • Fix: The grid of Day columns doesn't dictate the size of the app anymore, allowing the app to be resized to a smaller size.
1.0.2 – Oct 26, 2018

Release: All-Day Bonanza

  • New: Tasks can now be set to be an all-day task.
  • New: Tasks' colors can be changed between 3 themes.
  • Fix: Tasks have been rejigged to not expand the app as well as make each task look nicer.
  • Fix: Daycolumns have been rejigged to be less wide.
  • Fix: General theme coloring support in the custom widgets.
1.0.1 – Oct 19, 2018

Release: Weekend Taskin'

  • New: Weekend column to plot tasks, show it or not.
  • Fix: Tasks are now by start time instead of haphazardly placed.
1.0.0 – Oct 15, 2018

Release: Tasks Have Time

  • New: Set tasks times from and to.
  • Fix: Task clear color button, for when you want no color in your task.
0.0.1 – Oct 15, 2018

Release: Initial Plotting

  • First stable release.