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What's New:

2.5.1 – Aug 28, 2020

Release: Power Up Two

  • Urgent Fix: Major error crashing the app while in Preview.
2.5.0 – Jul 24, 2020

Release: Power Up

  • Fix: Many file operation fixes both in backend and in UI.
2.2.4 – Apr 24, 2020

Release: Just What You Needed

  • Added: Markdown support for Checkboxes and Highlighted text, as well as subscript and superscript.
  • Fix: Preview View backend fixed to enable footnotes and some other Markdown goodies, because before they'd not appear.
2.2.3 – Apr 17, 2020

Release: Spring Cleaned

  • Small Fix: Preview View titles shouldn't look smushed.
  • Small Fix: Improved Sidebar pane and View switchers contrast in Dark Mode.
2.2.2 – Apr 3, 2020

Release: Small Fixes

  • Small Fix: Added focus-full styling so that when focused and not half-width, the styling doesn't look bugged.
2.2.1 – Apr 3, 2020

Release: Small Fixes

  • General small fixes to deliver the best Quilter can be.
2.2.0 – Mar 27, 2020

Release: Mysterious Mermaid

  • Added: Mermaid.js integration for graphing purposes.
2.1.3 – Mar 20, 2020

Release: New Horizons

  • Fixed: Can now move the window when in Focus Mode by holding mouse right-click on the "Exit Focus Mode" button
  • Removed: Moon mode due to legacy
2.1.2 – Mar 13, 2020

Release: Calm Composing

  • Fixed: Would not prompt to save files which were modified on changing between them
  • Fixed: Version info accessible on Terminal
  • Added: New UI for when Focus Mode is active
2.1.1 – Feb 14, 2020

Release: Swift Scenes

  • Fixed: Would duplicate files when open in the sidebar
  • Fixed: If the sidebar was empty and Quilter was reopened, last file contents would still appear
2.1.0 – Jan 17, 2020

Release: Beautiful Backend

  • Fixed: Minor backend port
  • Added: Translations
2.0.6 – Jan 10, 2020

Release: Fixes Galore

  • Added: LaTeX support with $$…$$
  • Fixed: _
2.0.5 – Dec 27, 2019

Release: Fixes Galore

  • Changed: Syntax for local file/image is now /folder/(image.png/file.md) (:image/:file)
  • Fixed: Changed tooltips to include keybinds if they have it.
  • Fixed: When removing a file from the Sidebar, move to the next one immediately.
  • Fixed: Local image syntax actually provides the image you wanted to appear.
  • Fixed: Minor styling fixes.
2.0.4 – Dec 20, 2019

Release: Minority Report

  • Added: Instead of a Remove All Button, an individual Remove button for each file.
  • Added: New Outline icon, better reflects what Outline is.
  • Added: Helpful tooltip for operation of Replace button.
  • Added: Sync scroll of Edit view to Preview when in Half-Width Layout. (Note: Won't sync Preview scroll to Edit View.)
  • Fixed: Changed tooltip on search button to fit HIG.
2.0.3 – Nov 7, 2019

Release: Kling Klang

  • Fixed: Outline tab shouldn't make the sidebar grow in size anymore.
  • Fixed: A rogue file in your Home folder shouldn't happen anymore.
2.0.2 – Nov 7, 2019

Release: Let's Make It Whirr

  • Fixed: Save As for a file will update the UI accordingly after usage.
  • Fixed: Outline tab is cleaned when pressing the Remove All Files button.
  • Fixed: File names of deleted files are not reused.
  • Fixed: Reading Time is properly reset when pressing the Remove All Files button.
  • Fixed: Reading Time is properly updated as text is typed.
2.0.1 – Sep 30, 2019

Release: Minimal Maximize Madness

  • Fixed: Maximization problems in certain setups.
2.0.0 – Aug 30, 2019

Release: Layout Lambada

  • Added: New Layout; Half-Width, check it out by changing layouts on the statusbar.