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What's New:

1.8.2 – Apr 15, 2019

Release: Magic Files

  • Added: When a user types a path with either % ... % or : ... : to a file or image respectively, it is embedded, and is in Preview.
1.8.1 – Apr 12, 2019

Release: Fixes and Gizmos

  • Fixes: Outline crashes the app if no file found.
  • Fixes: App crashes if new document button is pushed when no files are in the sidebar.
  • Fixes: App fails to launch if file in sidebar no longer exists.
  • Fixes: App doesn't check spelling.
1.8.0 – Apr 12, 2019

Release: File Eyeliner

  • Added: File outline in the sidebar.
1.7.6 – Mar 16, 2019

Release: Blu-ray Encoder

  • Fixed: When adding files to sidebar, actually select them.
  • Updated: Dutch Translation
1.7.5 – Mar 8, 2019

Release: DVD Cleaner

  • Fixed: Opening files should never fail now.
1.7.4 – Mar 1, 2019

Release: VHS Tape Mixer

  • Reworked a lot of the internals so actions don't kill files. [Adam Bieńkowski - @donadigo]
1.7.3 – Mar 1, 2019

Release: Betamax Tracker

  • Some UX redefinition in the sidebar, to avoid complicating it.
1.7.2 – Mar 1, 2019

Release: Kodachrome Selector

  • Open files without adding duplicate entries, and clear sidebar is you really need to (it has a confirm dialog).
1.7.0 – Feb 22, 2019

Release: Visually Stunning

Quilter received a visual upgrade, and also an awesome backend tuneup.

  • Rewrote all Sidebar functions
  • Removed LaTeX because it was lagging the app…
  • All File Management functions rewritten from scratch!
1.6.8 – Oct 19, 2018

Release: Side Serve Sheets

  • After 5 months, the Sidebar has appeared. Track your recent stories files there, or hide it. Your choice.
1.6.7 – Oct 12, 2018

Release: Choice Looks Better

  • All tracking choices as well as preview font choices are better shown.
1.6.6 – Sep 21, 2018

Release: Stylish Readable Stories

  • All text passes a contrast check to be readable now.
1.6.2 – Sep 21, 2018

Release: Track Your Stuff Up

  • You can now set what to track in the document: Characters, Words, or Lines.
1.6.1 – Aug 17, 2018

Release: Font Forgery

  • You can now set the font size for Edit View in the Preferences.
1.6.0 – Jul 20, 2018

Release: Sepia & Blues

  • A new Mode between Light & Dark, the Sepia Mode.
  • A new way to toggle between Modes in the Settings.
  • Dynamargins: the three sizes now autofit for the window's size.
  • A redesign of the main menu.
  • Search any term inside your document.
  • Change Preview Mode's font style on-the-fly.
  • Toggle Typewrite Mode for use on Focus Mode: Mimic a typerwriter when editing.
  • Fixed most of the internal logic to change between Modes.
  • Fixed fullscreen bug. (finally!)
  • Margins when fullscreen reflect the ratio of those on non-fullscreen settings
  • Fixed the refresh rate of Preview Mode.
1.5.6 – May 5, 2018

Release: Unreleased Bump

  • Intentionally left blank.
1.5.5 – May 4, 2018

Release: Maths? Hardly knew 'er!

  • Now you can add LaTeX equations with "$" or "$$" modes.
1.5.4 – Apr 27, 2018

Release: Don't Blot Yourself

  • Preview Mode will only update on changes from Edit View.
  • Statusbar will update always.
1.5.3 – Mar 18, 2018

Release: All-Around An Inker!

  • Preview Mode won't load rogue Javascript code.
  • Preview Mode will also not autojump to the start of the scroll at any time.
  • Header becomes Heading in the Cheatsheet.
  • Fixed the Unsaved changes dialog still killing files when pressing the New File button.
  • New Translations for: Dutch, Catalan & Spanish.
1.5.2 – Feb 17, 2018

Release: Visual Standardization

  • The headerbar now respects the global theme in Normal and Dark modes.
1.5.0 – Feb 10, 2018

Release: New Sheets Won't Crumple Old Ones, part 2

  • The New File button will not purge old files.