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The glyph playground of creativity from simple lines

Make out icons, glyphs, or anything you can create with lines in this grid of dots

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What's New:

1.2.3 – Aug 1, 2019

Release: Magnific Colors

  • Fixed: Ecosystem Colors now are correctly used through the UI
1.2.2 – Jul 30, 2019

Release: Curves Clicked

  • Fixed: Curves now look more curvy, if that even makes sense
  • Fixed: Ecosystem Colors now are correctly used
1.2.1 – Jul 25, 2019

Release: Graph It Right

  • Fixed: Filling shapes correctly, squared linecap is now actually square, and antialias is now on by default
  • Updated translations
1.2.0 – Mar 22, 2019

Release: The Void

  • Added: Fill Shape button
  • Added: Support for Ecosystem Theming ( for info)
1.1.1 – Mar 15, 2019

Release: French Horns

  • Added: Editable Line Thickness label
  • Added: French translations (NathanBnm)
1.1.0 – Mar 11, 2019

Release: Unto The Rocks

  • Added: Mouse cursor.
  • Added: Undo function button.
  • Added: Show/Hide Grid function button.
  • Added: Undo and line thickness keybinds.
  • Misc: Bumped the line thickness limit to 50.
0.0.1 – Mar 8, 2019

Release: With Stereo Sound

  • First stable release.