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Remind yourself to not sit and stare at the screen for too long

Whether you're dashing through Mario Kart on MupenGUI, binge-watching Silicon Valley on Cinema, or writing your next novel on Quilter, you need to relax your body every once in a while.

Badger helps you do exactly that. It reminds you—or should I say, badgers you—to destress yourself and rest your eyes and muscles.

Currently, it has these five reminders:

Stay healthy.

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What's New:

1.3.0 – Mar 30, 2019
  • Add: Danish translation (@siigdev)
  • Update: French translation (@NathanBnm)
1.2.1 – Mar 24, 2019

Fix: Empty window on launch

1.2.0 – Mar 21, 2019

Add: Lithuanian translations (@welaq)

Fix: Illegible heading in dark mode

1.1.0 – Mar 15, 2019

Add: French translations (@NathanBnm)

1.0.3 – Mar 10, 2019

Fix: Multiple notifications when window is opened >1 times

1.0.2 – Mar 10, 2019

Fix: Remove manual line breaks from appdata

1.0.1 – Mar 10, 2019

Fix: Use smaller window size by default

1.0.0 – Mar 10, 2019

Initial Release 🎉️