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Workspaces lets you configure and quickly launch all you need to work on a project. It can open in a second different instances of code, a specific website and a directory

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What's New:

3.1.0 – Sep 14, 2020


  • Fix run in terminal
  • Fix Open quick launcher via the knob menu
  • Fix crash when clicking on link on about dialog by max246
  • Close quick launcher when selecting an item, unless you press CTRL by Philip-Scott
  • Fixes visual issues on Switches, they were squashed


  • Save or don't save latest position by max246
  • Make the workspaces in the left list sortables with drag and drop
  • Make the items in the left list sortables with drag and drop
  • Items can be moved in another workspace just with drag and drop
  • Workspaces are editable
  • Workspaces are deletable (should display a warning message)
  • Workspaces will display an image in the list, if they have one
  • Items now have a blue dot indicating that they are part of the auto-run


  • German translation by meisenzahl
  • Dutch Translation by Vistaus
3.0.0 – Sep 1, 2020

Release 3.0 for AppCenter

1.3.1 – Aug 23, 2020


  • Fixed typo
1.3.0 – Aug 23, 2020

New Features

  • Run commands in terminal


  • App selection is now a popover
  • Icon selection is now a popover
  • Quick launcher now has a better keyboard handling


  • Fixed theme for other gtk themes
  • Fixed icon critical message
1.2.1 – Aug 21, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shortcut for flatpak
  • Fixed load apps for flatpak
1.2.0 – Aug 21, 2020


  • Added default shortcut to launch the app and a way to modify it
  • Add missing icons
  • Add URL type
  • Add Application type
  • Add Application + Directory type
  • Add Directory type
  • Add Custom type

Bug Fixes

  • When closing preferences, if you were in the quick launcher, it will open back that one
1.1.0 – Aug 17, 2020


  • Improved Icon
  • Add missing icons

Bug Fixes

  • Set text color of the search icon on the header


  • Fix control file for deb packaging
1.0.0 – Aug 17, 2020

Initial release