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David Johnson

Pho for 4chan

Browser 4chan like never before with amazing GTK+ and Vala technologies! Explore the wonders of /g/ or /news/, or any of the dozens of 4chan boards!

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Note: This app is only available for elementary OS 5.1 Hera. If you’re on elementary OS 6 Odin, it will not appear in AppCenter. You can reach out to the developer and ask that they update it for OS 6.

What's New:

1.6.0 – Feb 10, 2019

Added ability to translate.

Fixed a style bug

French Translation by @NathanBnm

1.5.2 – Jan 2, 2019

Fixed startup error.

1.5 – Dec 7, 2018

Added a filter and lots of code cleanup.

1.4.1 – Nov 26, 2018

Fixed bugs that bug you.

1.4.0 – Oct 16, 2018

Fixed the startup window size.

Improved thread searching.

1.3.0 – Oct 16, 2018

Basic thread searching.

1.2.0 – Sep 28, 2018

Fixed the header to be more clean and stable.

Made the UI a lot nicer and a bit smoother.

Added CTRL-Q to close the app and CTRL-W to close a thread.

Started working on search functionality.

Fixed lots of bugs.

1.1.0 – Sep 17, 2018

Added webms back in via gstreamer.

1.0.6 – Sep 17, 2018

Temporarily disabling webms.

1.0.0 – Jun 2, 2018

Initial release