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Dane Henson

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A task manager to help you keep track of the tasks that matter most.

Sometimes, you just need a task list to keep you motivated. Agenda provides a way to write down your tasks and tick them off as you complete them. The list is saved automatically, so you can close the list to get it out of the way without losing your place.

Key Features:

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What's New:

1.1.0 – Mar 4, 2020

New features and polish

  • Added Undo/Redo feature to save you from yourself
  • Restored first-run message
  • Tons of code refactoring for stability
1.0.12 – Sep 14, 2018

Visual updates and code fixes

  • Tiny tweaks for a debut release on elementary OS 5.0
1.0.11 – Aug 14, 2018

Visual updates and code fixes

  • Cleaned up the list icons to only show on hover or select
  • Tweaks to the overall visual style.
  • General code cleanup
1.0.9 – Nov 27, 2017

Small bugfixes and a new icon

  • Updated the icon with a fresh new look (Thanks, Harvey)
  • Pressing Esc no longer closes Agenda while editing a task
  • Pressing Delete no longer crashes Agenda while editing a task
  • Metadata installs to the correct folder
1.0.8 – Jun 8, 2017

Small Fixes

  • Fixed style issues for dark and light variants
  • Looks good, and feels good!