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Cassidy James Blaede

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Get psychic answers from this fortune teller

Does he love you? Should you have pizza for dinner? Is there such thing as a stupid question? Discover the answers to these questions and more with Clairvoyant, the magic 8-ball inspired fortune teller.

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What's New:

1.1.2 – Apr 9, 2019

Dutch translations thanks to Heimen Stoffels

1.1.1 – Mar 23, 2019

French translations thanks to @NathanBnm

1.1.0 – Jan 25, 2019

Clairvoyant is now translatable.

1.0.4 – Jan 4, 2019

Happy new year! This release contains AppData fixes.

1.0.2 – Jul 23, 2018

Fix 48px icon

1.0.1 – Jul 20, 2018

Post-release update

  • Clean up AppStream data
  • Expand on the description
  • Change price to $1
1.0.0 – Jul 20, 2018

It is decidedly so.

  • Initial release