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Download online videos from various sources including and much more!

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What's New:

1.3.1 – Dec 4, 2019

Spanish Translation (thanks riesp)

Travis CI integration (thanks meisenzahl)

1.3.0 – Jun 23, 2019

App refactoring (thanks ryonakano)

1.2.8 – Jun 5, 2019

Translation Updates

Add Lithuanian translation (thanks welaq)

Fix sensitivity of download_button (thanks ryonakano)

Update French translation (thanks NathanBnm)

Remove unneeded files (thanks ryonakano)

1.2.7 – Mar 1, 2019

Update app category

Fix window getting too big due to error messages (thank you ryonakano)

1.2.4 – Feb 16, 2019

Add Russian translation (thank you camellan)

Add French translation (thank you NathanBnm)

Make 'Get Video Info' button will be disabled if there's no url (thank you ryonakano)

1.2.3 – Feb 11, 2019

Make App Translatable

Add License

1.2.2 – Jan 10, 2019

Fix audio download issues