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Eduard Berloso Clarà

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Google Drive client with automatic synchronization for Linux

VGrive is a client (back-end and front-end) for Google Drive made in Vala. Automatically detects changes in local and remote files and syncs them.

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What's New:

1.3.0 – Nov 7, 2019

Add 'cancel' button in the conf menu to exit configuration without saving.

Save state of "Advanced View".

1.2.4 – Nov 6, 2019

Bug Fix: Ignore Google Docs (and other Google files).

Translations: Polish and French translations (by @roypen and @NathanBnm )Catalan translations updatedSome typo fixes

1.2.0 – Nov 1, 2019
  • Welcome to the dark side: Dark mode support!
  • Spanish and Galician translations by @riesp
1.1.0 – Oct 29, 2019
  • New Login view (designed by @Fatih20 )Login process separated in diferents viewsAllow select preferences from the login view
  • New Sync view (designed by @Fatih20 )The default is cleaner and shows less information to the userThere is an option to switch between this new view and the old view (named "Advanced view")
  • Make unity support optional (by @dguglielmi)
1.0.10 – Oct 22, 2019
  • New logo by @Fatih20
  • Use buil-in red button.
  • Fix detecting files with specials caracters though google drive api.
1.0.0 – Aug 29, 2019

VGrive initial release!