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Shutdown Scheduler

Eduard Berloso Clarà

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Schedule your computer's shutdown easily

ShutdownSheduler is an extremely simple program used to shutdown the computer in a specific date time. It provides a simple and clear interface to shedule the shutdown.

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What's New:

1.3.2 – Nov 30, 2018

Don't reset config file when app is started

1.3.0 – Sep 11, 2018

Juno release

1.2.0 – May 13, 2018

Update release

  • Allow customize fas acces buttons
1.1.1 – Jan 20, 2018

Update release

  • Change the fast acces button "2 h." for "5 min."
1.1.0 – Apr 12, 2013

Initial release

  • Choose the specific time when you want to shutdown your computer
  • Fast access buttons to add time
  • Watch the remaining time at any time in the program, or just make a fast look to the progress bar of the icon
  • Cancel the scheduled shutdown with just a button