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URM Simulator

Aleksandar Stefanović

Simple URM simulations

URM (Unlimited Register Machine) is a theoretical machine which has unlimited memory. It is used to describe that anything that can be programmed with four basic instructions can also be programmed with any other programming language.

Use four basic instructions (Zero, Successor, Transfer, Jump) to program any other operator or function, since things like subtraction are not included!


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Note: This app is only available for elementary OS 5.1 Hera. If you’re on elementary OS 6 Odin, it will not appear in AppCenter. You can reach out to the developer and ask that they update it for OS 6.

What's New:

1.3.3 – Jul 23, 2019

First Juno Release

  • Fixed issues with the project, which made it possible to publish to AppCenter again. Big thanks to Ryo Nakano!
1.3.2 – Jul 1, 2018

Packaging hotfix

  • Fixed issues with Debian packaging.
1.3.1 – Jun 29, 2018

Scrollable Views

  • Views are now scrollable.
  • Basic input checking has been added.
1.3.0 – Feb 12, 2018

No More Freezes

  • Text files can now be opened.
  • Execution cap is added, to avoid freezing.
  • Instructions are now one-based numbered.