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Alessandro Castellani

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Friendly SQL Client

Easily connect to your local or remote database

Store your Database Connections in the built-in library, type and execute SQL commands directly in the App, and do everything you need to do without the necessity of opening the terminal.

Features Include:

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What's New:

0.6.7 – Jan 2, 2019

Critical bug fix!

  • CRITICAL: Fixes missing GSettings Schema, restore lost connections.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.
0.6.6 – Dec 29, 2018

Implemented SSH tunneling

  • WARNING: This release packs many updates and something could break. Please, backup your connections.
  • Connect via SSH to a remote Database.
  • Major code refactor to handle UI updates via async methods.
  • Use Stack container to show a loading Spinner during fetch or data processing methods.
  • Major performance improvements to the table search and dropdown schema switcher.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.
0.6.5 – Dec 15, 2018

Fancy New Icon!

  • New fancy Icon.
  • Use GtkNativeDialog.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements.
0.6.4 – Dec 9, 2018

Open SQLite files

  • Open SQLite files directly in Sequeler.
  • Right click to copy data inside a column.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements.
0.6.3 – Sep 19, 2018

UI Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • UI fix for logout button.
  • View shortcuts on preferences dropdown.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Italian translation.
0.6.2 – Sep 11, 2018

Export all the things!

  • Export results from Query Tab.
  • Export in CSV or Plain Text format.
  • Sort Columns order everywhere.
  • Brazilian translation.
0.6.1 – Sep 7, 2018

Here comes the power of Pagination!!!

  • Paginate results in the Content tab.
  • Query messages UI improvements.
  • Relations table bug fixes.
0.6.0 – Aug 24, 2018

We got Multi SQL Query support.

  • Ability to handle multiple SQL queries.
  • Execute the currently highlighted query.
  • Improved Library Popover UI.
  • Use native GTK+ CSS attributes for better Light/Dark mode.
  • Random UI improvements.
0.5.9 – Jul 17, 2018

Urgent! Fixed broken Tabs for translated version.

0.5.8 – Jul 16, 2018

Light and Dark Mode Switch!

  • Better Dark/Light mode switch in header bar.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Updated Welcome screen with New Window command.
  • Code cleanup.
0.5.7 – Jul 6, 2018

Official Juno release!

  • Missing filter name on SQLite File Dialog.
0.5.6 – Jun 25, 2018

We got Search!

  • Search table names in sidebar.
  • Fixes issue in connecting directly on a non saved connection.
  • Updated Lithuanian translation.
  • Italian translation.
0.5.5 – Jun 9, 2018

Improved Password Security.

  • Safely store passwords in LibSecret.
  • Auto upgrade on startup to remove passwords from GSettings.
  • Fixes issues with identical table names from other database in the same connection.
  • Alphabetically ordered tables.
  • Improvements in showing MySql/MariaDB Table Structure.
  • Many more bugs for you to discover.
0.5.4 – Feb 24, 2018

New Icon and Import/Export Library.

  • Fancy new icon.
  • Import and Export connections library.
  • Fixed random crash when opening and closing multiple connections.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
0.5.3 – Feb 23, 2018

Bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed PostgreSQL Schema show options.
  • Fixed crash on new connection dialog when opening the connection before saving.
0.5.2 – Feb 20, 2018

Little side dish update.

  • Fixed save window state on close.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
0.5.1 – Feb 19, 2018

Alternate coloured rows!

  • Manually reload Content, Structure, and Relations.
  • Show Table schema, content, and constraint relationships.
  • Properly handle compound queries.
  • Fix PostgreSQL table switch.
0.5.0 – Feb 18, 2018

Complete rewrite of the entire code base!

  • Handle multiple Windows/Instances and multiple open connections.
  • Show Table schema, content, and constraint relationships.
  • Quicker response on big select queries
  • Better error handling.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
0.4.3 – Jan 23, 2018

Better error handling, less crashes!

  • The app doesn't crash when dealing with big values
  • Handling errors related to columns
  • Quicker response on big select queries
  • Some small clean up
  • Fixes issue with SQL Lite encrypted path
0.4.2 – Jan 22, 2018

Better error handling, less crashes!

  • The app doesn't crash when dealing with big values
  • Handling errors related to columns
  • Quicker response on big select queries
  • Some small clean up
0.4.1 – Dec 2, 2017

New Icon, Better error messages!

  • New shiny icon
  • View SQL error message on error
  • FIX: Show proper PostgreSql Schema Table in Sidebar
  • Snappiest query execution ever for local databases
  • The usual bundle of bugs for you to discover
0.4.0 – Nov 10, 2017

Summoning the power of async methods!

  • All DataBase queries are now async methods, super fast.
  • The UI doesn't freeze anymore during a long process
  • Granite SourceList to display list of tables
  • Tabs to switch between the Query Builder and the Table Structure
  • ComboBox to select table schemas from the open connection
  • Many more bugs and issues for you to have fun with
0.3.4 – Oct 23, 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Display Table lists for SQLite and PostgreSQL
  • Refresh Table List view if tables change
  • Removed unused GSettings
0.3.3 – Oct 20, 2017

This is so good you won't believe it. New Library UI, Schema Table, Custom Port, and more

  • A brand new Library View directly in your home screen, super tight and organized
  • Custom Port field for those snazzy geeks who don't just use 3306
  • A shiny new Sidebar View to list all your DataBase Tables
  • Code cleanup and speed improvements
  • Usual abundance of bugs and issues for you to have fun with!
0.2.0 – Oct 10, 2017

Major Update: Releasing a sweet table to view Query Results!

  • Did I say we got a sweet table to view query results?
  • New shortcut (ctrl+enter) to execute query
  • Solved bug while connecting to DB directly from the Connection Dialog
  • UI Improvements to Connection Dialog
  • Added Spanish and Lithuanian translations
0.1.5 – Oct 6, 2017

UI fixes

  • Visual improvements to the library view
0.1.4 – Oct 5, 2017

Initial Release

  • Store your Database connections
  • Quickly connect to a Local or Remote Database
  • Write SQL queries in the built-in code editor