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Odysseus web browser

Adrian Cochrane

A simple and performant yet powerful window onto the open decentralized web

Odysseus is a simple yet powerful web browser focusing on new ways to discover the webpages you need and want, without relying on central webservices invading your privacy.

These discovery features include:

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Note: This app is only available for elementary OS 5.1 Hera. If you’re on elementary OS 6 Odin, it will not appear in AppCenter. You can reach out to the developer and ask that they update it for OS 6.

What's New:

1.7.3 – Feb 28, 2021

Add vertical tabs

Enable WebKitGTK web extensions

Replace link promoting webfeeds

1.7.2 – Feb 2, 2021

Fix crash on Manjaro

1.7.1 – Sep 24, 2020

Tag-based bookmarking

Set your own homepages

Fix UI regression around autoselecting addressbar

Red Panda Adventures easter egg removed (it was a UI test)

1.6.3 – Mar 31, 2020

New French & Dutch localizations

Minor addressbar redesign

Improved error reporting

(Temporary) Red Panda Adventures easter egg

1.6.2 – Mar 20, 2020

New icon thanks to Fatih20 (Nararyans R.I.)

Fix crash resulting from opening local files (the OS no longer provides the "file://"-prefix).

1.6.1 – Sep 8, 2019

Expose YouTube webfeeds.

Fix personalized recommendation display.

Performance fixes for personalized recommendations.

Use non-colourful icons.

Integrate history link deeper into topsites display.

1.6.0 – Jul 10, 2019

Personalized recommendations

Performance optimizations (tidies up database)

1.5.17 – May 20, 2019

Reader Mode

Minor layout fix

Show download count

Preparation to support a global dark mode

1.5.12 – Apr 10, 2019

Webfeed discovery support!

Full Dutch localization

Fix topsites editing

Lower threshold for sourcing topsites from browser history

Minor performance improvements

1.5.11 – Mar 9, 2019

Enable MSE, full French translations.

1.5.10 – Oct 28, 2018

Minor visual corrections.

Visually tie status icons to addressbar again, revert having icons in application menu.

Fixes for other themes.

1.5.8 – Oct 14, 2018

Indicates HTTPS (with it's cryptographic certificate) and local pages, errors, and permissions.

1.5.7 – Oct 5, 2018

Indicates HTTPS and local pages.

1.5.5 – Sep 13, 2018

Performance fixes and better labelling on topsites display.

Hides downloads bar in fullscreen.

1.5.2 – Jul 28, 2018

Renders nice previews for webfeeds.

Fixes regressions with topsites interactions and viewsource.

1.5.1 – Jul 19, 2018

Fixes for Juno.

1.5.0 – Jun 29, 2018

Topsites performance and design improvements.

Add indicators for menuitems that are links.

1.4.1 – Jun 4, 2018

Major performance improvements in regards to internal pages. i.e. stops wasting time wasting memory.

Recommends apps for unsupported URL and file types.

Improved accessibility of the downloads bar.

1.4.0 – May 26, 2018

Fills in gaps within the topsites display with my recommendations.

More succinct text in download notifications.

1.3.0 – Apr 13, 2010

You can customize the topsites on odysseus:home!

Minor optimizations to odysseus:history.

1.2.3 – Mar 27, 2018

Your most visited pages are now linked to from the newtab page.

Now speaks French and Portuguese.

Added credits page to thank contributors.

More minor UI corrections.

1.2.2 – Mar 21, 2018

More communicative browser history viewer, with colour coded tabs, tooltips communicating which links you've followed, favicons, page screenshots, and years in all dates.

Fixes for video playback and infinite tab spawnage.

Added a privacy notice.

1.2.0 – Mar 18, 2018

Natural search of your browser history

Added useful "hints" to the footer of the newtab page, which may link to a new credits page.

Reduced prevalance of the "loading" message.

1.0.12 – Jan 3, 2018

Now speaks Czech.

Tabs now open in background.

Short-term style fix for plus.google.com.

Preparations for more localization.

1.0.11 – Jan 2, 2018

Adds more keyboard and middle click shortcuts.

Fixes links displayed in AppCenter.

1.0.10 – Dec 29, 2017

Hopefully this makes it display better in AppCenter.

1.0.8 – Dec 29, 2017

Bugfix: a tab always remains open in each window.

1.0.7 – Dec 29, 2017

Disable broken WebInspector for now.

1.0.4 – Dec 23, 2017

Offers a very smooth browsing and downloads experience.

First AppCenter release, so Merry Christmas!