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Never worry about forgetting things again

Everyone needs a task manager and Planner adapts to anyone's needs

How Planner works

1. Collect your Ideas - The Inbox is your default task list in Planner. When you add a task, it goes straight to your Inbox unless you specify that the task goes into a project.

2. Get Organized - Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. Review these regularly to stay on top of things.

3. Calendar and Events - See your calendar events and plan your time effectively. Planner will remind you on the right day.

4. Be even more organized - Add a deadline to your tasks, create labels, use checklists.

5. Share your progress - Share all the progress of your project or some special task, all this in Markdown.

6. Support for Github Issues - Connect your account and start receiving notifications of every new issue in your repositories

Other features

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What's New:

1.2.4 – Mar 28, 2019
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • New view "All tasks" and "Tasks completed"
  • Markdown support
  • Improved quick search


  • Dutch (Heimen Stoffels)
  • Brazilian (Raphael Cabral)
1.2.3 – Jan 29, 2019

New features:

  • Labels preview
  • Weather forecast


  • Lithuanian (welaq)
1.2.2 – Jan 19, 2019


  • Redesign 'Labels' popover
  • Fix Notification error


  • Updating French translations 🇫🇷 (NathanBnm)
1.2.1 – Jan 18, 2019


  • Better reminder notifications
  • Improvement default theme
  • Redesign 'When' popover
  • New 'About' view
  • New 'Credits' view
  • Redesign 'Issues' view
  • New task search
  • Adding support to import and export projects


  • German (kr428)
  • French (NathanBnm)
  • Update Spanish translation
1.1.1 – Jan 11, 2019

New feature: Support for Github Issues

  • Connect with your Github account
  • Receive all your issue as tasks in Inbox
  • Planner will notify you if any new issue was posted


  • Portugués Brasileño 🇧🇷 (Marciel Sousa)
  • Romanian (Prongs Dark)

Bugs and Improvements:

  • Performance improvement
  • Design improvements
  • Fix #22
  • Fix #21
  • Fix #11
1.0.4 – Jan 4, 2019

Improved stability and some bug fixes

  • Fixing critical bug with creating tasks from the clipboard #19
  • Adding new tooltips
1.0.2 – Jan 2, 2019

Hola Planner !!!

  • Adding Spanish translations
1.0 – Jan 1, 2019

Initial release