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Micael Dias (@aimproxy)

Time Management App using Pomodoro Technique

Control your time, set custom work times and pause times to your rhythm!

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Note: This app is only available for elementary OS 5.1 Hera. If you’re on elementary OS 6 Odin, it will not appear in AppCenter. You can reach out to the developer and ask that they update it for OS 6.

What's New:

0.1.7 – Jul 25, 2019

New Icon and Change AppCenter Color

0.1.6 – Jul 10, 2019

Important Fixes

  • Default time are 0:00
  • Add OARS Metadata
  • Update AppCenter Metadata


  • Make App translatable
  • Save personalized work and break time
0.1.5 – Jun 27, 2019

First Stable Release start at `0.1.5`, the others releases are just drafts!