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Find any word's definition with this handy dictionary

Find any word's definition, and details about it, with this handy dictionary by your side

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What's New:

1.2.1 – Apr 24, 2020

Release: Dark Space

  • Added: Dark mode.
1.2.0 – Feb 7, 2020

Release: Hot Revival

  • Update: In the lack of a better API that is free of charge, I decided to continue using the one in-app. As such, the new pricing will help accomodate the costs.
  • Minor fixes.
1.0.4 – Jun 30, 2019

Release: Temporary Pause

  • This is an update to Palaura for a notice: There will be an API change in the next one, as such, it is advised to use other dictionary apps while I update the app to a better, offline API. The app will have a (hopefully) small blackout and is free of price while I do this.
1.0.3 – Mar 15, 2019

Release: Minimal et al

  • French translation and some fixes.
1.0.2 – Jul 16, 2018

Release: Hello Juno!

  • Initial update for Juno
1.0.1 – Nov 17, 2017

Release: Hablas Español?

  • Added preferences with option to search in the Spanish Dictionary
  • Small UI changes to look even more like a real dictionary
1.0.0 – Nov 12, 2017

Release: Faster Lookups

  • Port to Oxford API for the Dictionary
0.5.0 – Sep 14, 2017

Release: Appcenter Fixes Yet Again

  • Some AppCenter fixes
0.4.0 – Sep 14, 2017

Release: Appcenter Fixes

  • First Stable release
  • Some AppCenter fixes